There are a variety of characters who all collide in Deadwood. Here aresome suggestions of what each may wear.

Saloon Girls: Saloon girls wore brightly colored ruffled skirts that were scandalously short for the time – mid-shin or knee-length. Under the bell-shaped skirts, could be seen colorfully hued petticoats that barely reached their kid boots that were often adorned with tassels. More often than not, their arms and shoulders were bare, their bodices cut low over their bosoms, and their dresses decorated with sequins and fringe. Silk, lace, or net stockings were held up by garters, which were often gifts from their admirers. The term "painted ladies" was coined because the "girls" had the audacity to wear make-up and dye their hair. Many were armed with pistols or jeweled daggers concealed in their boot tops or tucked between her breasts to keep the boisterous cowboys in line.
Suggestions: Feather boas, long beads, fake eyelashes, fishnet leggings, other stockings, saloon girl dresses, beaded headband, feathers.

Debutantes and Southern Belles: Hoop skirt, petticoat, umbrella, fan, lace gloves, big hats, Victorian style dresses, ruffles and bows, big hat, extravangant dresses.

Cowboys and Cowgirls: Boots, spurs, shoestring tie, vest, cowboy hat, mustache, holster, guns, bandanas, belt buckle.

Gents: Hats (bowler, derby, slouch, gambler and more), vest and coats, a timepiece, mustaches, ascot ties, suitcoats.

Costumes for Murder at The Deadwood Saloon
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